Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro
Calmfinity™ Massager Pro

Calmfinity™ Massager Pro

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"Massage different areas of the body in one amazing device"

Tired and having body pains after a long day from work?

Introducing to you the Calmfinity Massager Pro.


It has ultra compact, slim body, with the no-fuss adjustable straps. It relieves stress and pain to re-energize your body. Our massager is the perfect companion for releasing the tension in your muscles.


 Here are the features of the Calmfinity Massager Pro.

 ★ Ergonomically designed for different parts of the body

It perfectly fits on the body contours of the lower and the upper back. It can also be used in the neck, abdomen, calf, waist, calf, foot and thigh areas.

★ Operates using four deep kneading Shiatsu massage nodes.

    It helps loosen up your tight back, shoulders and neck. The nodes rotate to soothe your body pains. It features bio-directional movement that mimics the motions of a real massage therapist.

    ★ Equipped with Heat Function Technology.

      It relaxes, warms, and looses tense muscles and improve blood circulation. The rotating nodes provide invigorating heat of around 60 degrees celcius around the aching part of your body without hurting your skin.


      ★ It can be used in your car seat for the people on the go.

        Our Massager Pro is portable and can be used during travels. It has a strap which you can place in your car's headrest. They come in small sizes that practically fit inside your travelling bag or suitcase. It has a car charger for your convenience.


        ★ Product Specifications

          The Calmfinity Massager Pro comes with a power adapter and a car charger.

          - Product size: 30 x 18 x 12cm

          - Voltage: 220 Volts (AC)

          - Material: PU Leather and breathable mesh


          ★ Frequently Asked Questions

             How to use the Massager?

            - You can use it in the different parts of your body. When using it in your back, you can lean back against you chair for more pressure. For less intense massage, simple place in a pillow.

            Can I adjust the heat function of the Pillow Massager?

            - Yes, just press the button the Massager once to turn on the rotating nodes. After pressing again the button, the heat function will turn on. Press the button for the third time to turn off the device.

            Can I use the Pillow Massager during sleep?

            - Yes, the Calmfinity Massager Pro can be used so that you can have a good sleep. It can be used while you a lying on you bed.

            Can I wash the cover of the Massager?

            - Yes, the cover of the Massager is washable. Just unzip the cover of the Massager and remove it for washing.




            Nothing relieve stress quite like a good massage. Unfortunately, going to a massage center or a spa can be quite expensive. That is why you need our amazing Calmfinity Massager Pro that you can use at home, during travel or at the office.