Mini Projector Pro™
Mini Projector Pro™
Mini Projector Pro™
Mini Projector Pro™
Mini Projector Pro™
Mini Projector Pro™

Mini Projector Pro™

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"Feel the cinematic experience at the comfort of your home"

You can now get that awesome movie experience at home. Introducing the Mini Projector Pro™.


With this small but high-performance projector, you can enjoy the high-quality images and videos in the comfort of your own home.

Connect to any kind of Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Gaming Consoles.



Portable: It's just the size of your smartphone. It has a compact design for a projector and only weighs 170 grams.

Bright and Vibrant Images: It has a brightness of 600 Lumens. The projector has accurate and rich contrast colors.

Low Power Consumption: It is equipped with the American Bridgelux LED which makes the display good to you eyes. 

With Cooling System: The projector won't overheat even with an extended usage. It has a advanced hydraulic axial fan to dissipate the heat from the projector.





-How to set up the Mini Projector Pro™?

To set up the projector, you can either power it through a 5 Volts power adapter or a power bank. You can then connect your device for the output display through HDMI, USB, AV cord, Micro SD and TF card connections.

 What device can I connect to the projector?

You can connect your Laptop or Desktop through the HDMI port. Other devices like gaming consoles can be connected through the AV port. You can also insert your micro SD memory card or a flash drive in the projector.

- What is included in the package?

The projectors comes with a Remote Control, Power Adapter, an AV Cable and an Instruction Manual.

This is the mini device for big movie nights. It's never been easy and fun to watch your favorite movies anytime and anywhere. Grab the Mini Projector Pro™ today!.